Does My RV Insurance Cover my Belongings too?

OFS Insurance Agency, LLS offers residents in Clinton, MS who own RVs advice on how to protect their items while they are traveling. If you have the right type of RV insurance, it will cover your possessions while you are on the road. The key is understanding how to protect what you have so that your risk of a break-in is low, and your family remains safe and secure.

Keep Track of What You Have

Keep a running inventory of what items you have in your RV. A photo or video inventory is a great way to show what you have and the condition of each item. Make sure your list is detailed and that several copies are made. You should keep your copy in a safe place and give one to your insurance agent.

Take Steps to Protect Your Property

There are several steps you can take to protect your property. Keep your RV locked at all times. It’s also a good idea to keep items of value out of sight. Always make sure items are correctly put away before you leave and keep the curtains pulled so that the view inside is limited.

In Clinton, MS, the agents of OFS Insurance Agency, LLC have the experience they need to assist you with all of your insurance needs. Always be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary steps to protect your possessions. Before you take off on your next adventure, make sure to contact your agent and let them know what you are doing. We can offer you several ideas on how to make your trip the best one ever. Find out what tips we have by calling us today!