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Why Do I need Home Insurance?

Your Mississippi home is your most cherished possession, full of happy memories and comforts gathered over the years. It doesn’t take much to lose everything you’ve worked hard for, whether the culprit is a natural disaster or an act of vandalism.

A home insurance policy from OFS Insurance Agency, LLC, located in Clinton, MS, gives you a way to protect your investment and the ability to recover when disaster strikes. Your home insurance steps in whenever your home needs repairs or a complete rebuild in the wake of a covered hazard.

Your home insurance policy also covers possessions inside your home if they’re damaged, destroyed, or stolen. That coverage also goes with you wherever you go in Mississippi or abroad, so you can easily replace laptops and other personal effects if they’re stolen.

Buying Insurance for Your Home

You’re probably wondering how much coverage you’ll need for your home. Unlike auto insurance in Mississippi, there’s no mandatory minimum nor are you required to have home insurance unless your mortgage requires it. Most policies start at around $100,000 of coverage. However, your coverage should match the replacement cost of your home. It’s also okay if that coverage goes over by a small amount.

You can also add personal property coverage to your home insurance policy. This coverage takes care of your personal effects inside your home. High-value possessions, including jewelry, musical instruments, and other luxury items may need their own additional coverage.

If a tornado or any other natural disaster destroys your home, having additional living expense coverage can help soften the burden of living without a home. ALE coverage can help reimburse you for hotels and other related expenses.

Protect yourself and your Mississippi home with a home insurance policy. Contact the experts at OFS Insurance Agency, LLC in Clinton, MS, and let us guide you towards the right policy for your home.


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