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Renters Insurance

Protect your belongings against theft or natural hazards with renters insurance. In Mississippi, your policy is referred to as HO-4 insurance. This type of policy generally covers your personal possessions and liability up to your coverage limits. Some landlords require that you have renters insurance; however, if this is the case, your lease will mention the requirement. Work with the agents of OFS Insurance Agency, LLC in Clinton, MS to learn more about your options in Mississippi.

What Does My Renter’s Policy Cover?

The most common types of coverage include liability, personal property, and additional living expenses.

  • Liability coverage helps pay for property damage or the cost of bodily injury if you're found responsible for someone's injuries.
  • Personal property coverage helps replace or repair your belongings (e.g., electronics, furniture) up to your coverage limits.
  • Additional living expenses helps cover costs (e.g., hotel bills) that you're likely to encounter if the home that you're renting is damaged and unlivable.

Things to Consider

You'll likely have to pay a deductible before your renter's insurance begins to payout. A deductible is an agreed-upon amount that you have to pay before your insurance kicks in. While negotiating your policy, keep in mind that your premium is often affected by your deductible. The higher your deductible is, the lower your premium often is. If you have enough money set aside to cover a high deductible, you can usually lower your insurance premium and save some money.

Your policy doesn't cover the actual physical building you're in. As a renter, your policy helps pay for your belongings and liability costs. Remember that while the property owner may have landlord insurance with liability coverage, this protection usually doesn't protect the renter. This is why it's crucial to have your own policy where you know exactly what's covered and what's not. Don't take a chance when it comes to the things that matter to you. Call or visit OFS Insurance Agency, LLC, serving the Clinton, MS area, for a hassle-free quote.


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